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As you will see elsewhere, Estepona is immaculately maintained, it has miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach, a mixture of developed enclaves where you can enjoy a meal at one of the waterside restaurants, other parts rugged and untouched.


Local fish is a "must", wonderful sardines, local prawns; red mullet and also octopus are caught daily.  The atmosphere of the old town with is true fisherman's port blends perfectly with the new town.  


Unusually Estepona has succeeded in keeping its old charm, whilst satisfying the needs of visitors.  Shops, restaurants, leisure and cultural activities are all available in abundance.  But you will find little "bodegas" local shops hidden away all over the place offering traditional local goods at an excellent price.


Just a few minutes drive from Costalita you will find the beautiful town of Estepona.  


Situated on the western Costa del Sol, it is a truly historical town.  Estepona is quite unspoiled and being developed within strict boundaries to retain its beauty.  You will find the people friendly as they proudly welcome you into their culture.

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